Service Flow
  • Kimono Rental


Please make a reservartion before you visit us so that the service procedures on the day that you visit will be smoother. Go to contact us or call us and tell us your needs. If you can’t visit us beforehand, we can send you options for you to choose. Click here to see our rental catalog.

Basically return is requested in one day. 


  • Sale


We sell kimonos at any time. Please contact us or call us before you visit.


  • Photo Shoot


We arrange the date for photo shoots and send a dresser, hair stylist, make up artist and so on depending on your needs. Please tell us the date you want.


  • Dressing


We offer dressing services. Please tell us the date and the kind of kimonos you want.


  • Class


We have classes about how to wear kimonos. Please tell us the course you want to take.

Please let us know if you have any question.