About us

Our belief is that

cultural pride can be

a powerful force

for change in the world

We are a fashion consultancy dealing with Japanese kimonos in NYC. We sell, rent, dress kimonos and do photo shoots. Also we hold events related to Japanese culture and classed about how to wear kimonos.

Kaede Kimonos LLC was founded in 2012 as Kaede NYC and eventually grew up to Kaede Kimonos LLC.  We suggest both the traditional and modern aspects of the kimono. It is our belief that cultural pride can be a powerful force for change in the world. Not just pride in your own, but pride in the fact that this world is made up so many unique and beautiful cultures.

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What we provide





  • Kimono

We suggest you kimonos depends on your needs and situation. Kaede Kimonos sells a lot of vintage kimonos as well.


  • Accessory

We have many kinds of kimono accessaries which are like Obi-dome, Koshi-himo and original hand-made accessories.

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