Introduction to Autumn Kimono

Introduction to Autumn Kimono

Introduction to Autumn Kimono

There are many rules when it comes to wearing kimono, not only with regards to dressing, but also with regards to styling. There are specific color combinations, patterns, and types of kimono, juban, and accessories for each season and even for each month! Have a look at the autumn kimono choices below!


Autumn Kimono Types

In September, when the weather is still shifting from warmer temperatures to cooler temperatures, hitoe kimono is usually worn. Hitoe is an unlined kimono. When it starts getting colder, specifically in October, you can start wearing awase kimono. Awase is the type of kimono worn for most of the year (usually from October to May). It is a lined kimono, so it provides more warmth than hitoe kimono would. Of course, the weather can be unpredictable, so the type of kimono you wear can be adjusted accordingly.


Autumn Juban Types

During September, tani juban is worn, and rinzu juban may be worn for the rest of autumn.


Autumn Obi Types

For the first half of September, ro, sha, hakata, and asa obi may be worn. For the rest of autumn, awase is usually worn.

Autumn Haori Types

Ro and sha haori are worn in September, and awase is worn for the rest of fall.


Autumn Motifs, Patterns, and Designs

Typical motifs for autumn kimono include Japanese maple leaves (also known as kaede), rabbits, moon-related images, chrysanthemums, colored leaves and trees, and persimmons. More specifically, autumn flowers are worn from the beginning of September until mid-September, and moon, moon-viewing, rabbit, wild goose, Japanese pampas grass, chestnut, clover, and chrysanthemum motifs can be worn throughout September. Throughout October, you can wear dragonfly, Japanese pampas grass, gentian flower, and gingko (maidenhair) leaf and tree motifs. Between the first ten days of October and October 24th, it is appropriate to wear chrysanthemum motif designs and patterns. After October 24th, it is appropriate to wear colored leaf motif designs and patterns. Rake, sasanqua flower, persimmon, colored leaf, fallen leaf, chrysanthemum, small tree, arabesque, and mountain motifs.


Autumn Color Combinations

The color charts below indicate the colors and color combinations allocated for autumn.

autumn kimono color combination

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