Introduction to Seijinshiki

Introduction to Seijinshiki

Introduction to Seijinshiki

Seijinshiki is the coming-of-age ceremony for Japanese people turning 20. In Japan, 20 is the age at which you can legally smoke, drink, drive, and go to prison, so it is a very important age for Japanese citizens. Seijinshiki is to celebrate the passage from teenager to adult. It is observed on the second Monday of January every year. For Japanese citizens who will or have turned 20 between April 2nd of the previous year to April 1st of the current year, there is a ceremony every year at the local city office by invitation only.


Seijinshiki Kimono

Most women wear a new or rented furisode with an elaborately tied obi and an up-do hairstyle. It is also popular for women to wear fur or faux fur shawls over their kimono. Some men wear suits and ties, and some wear kimono, haori, and hakama. In the U.S., Seijinshiki is usually commemorated with a photo shoot of the 20-year-old in full kimono and accessories, sometimes new and sometimes rented. This practice is less common in Japan because of the access to local festivities, but it is still somewhat prevalent.

Seijinshiki Seijinshiki

All photos in this post are courtesy of Seika Suzuki.

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